The HIPCSA program is intended to help HIV positive individuals continue medical care without gaps in health insurance coverage or disruption of treatment.

Health Insurance Premium and Cost Sharing Assistance (HIPCSA) is the provision of financial assistance for eligible individuals living with HIV to maintain a continuity of health insurance or to receive medical benefits under a health insurance program. This includes premium payments, office visit/lab co-payments, deductibles and medication co pays. Continued insurance coverage allows clients to obtain the following:

  • Obtain care not limited to HIV treatment, therefore resulting in greater overall client health outcomes.
  • Continued coverage also reduces the burden on publicly-funded medical care systems.


  • Premium Assistance
  • Deductible Assistance
  • Co-Payments, Co-Insurance Payments

Local Government Cost Sharing Assistance Programs- We assist eligible individuals who receive financial assistance through local government sponsored cost sharing assistance programs (eg., the CareLink program of the Bexar County University Health System).

*No Ryan White funds can be used toward co-payments associated with hospitalization and/or emergency room care.